Ryse Supps VitaFocus 60 caps

Ryse Supps VitaFocus 60 caps

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Product Information

So-called "smart drugs" have been in the news for years as supplements to help people focus. But at what cost? Some of these drugs include ingredients that will rot your brain cells, send your stress levels shooting through the roof, and in some cases, cause addiction.

Nutritional Information

Citocoline (as Cognizin®)


Essential Vitamins


Essential Minerals


RYSE VitaFocus contains NONE of those things. We've gone through painstaking effort to not only combine HEALTHY ingredients to provide you with laser focus, but to be incredibly transparent about everything you're putting in your body. With 100mg of Cognizin®, 13 essential vitamins, and 8 essential minerals per serving to protect and restore your brain to protect, restore, and sustain your brain ALL in one multivitamin, you'll never have an off day.